Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Arts


I had the pleasure of attending the transcultural artist, Gu Xiong's opening show (A Journey Exposed) at the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art. His showcase included a broad spectrum of media, ranging from drawings, paintings, ceramics, coke cans, all the way to tomatoes. Yes, real tomatoes. Xiong's work reflects social, political, and environmental topics across the globe. This particular project takes the audience through a visual journey of modern immigration experiences while also shedding light on concerns for our globe's waterways and food systems. Gu Xiong's summer exhibition runs from May 7 to August 23.

My personal favourite installation was the river of pigs. Especially because the 10,000 ceramic pigs were hand crafted by young student artists of North Vancouver. Beyond the cuteness of the little pigs, it left somewhat of a disturbing feeling inside me to see a visual representation of the consequences of overconsumption in today's society....

That being said... brb, gonna go hug a tree.