Put Me on a Plane to Toronto - Day 1

My long awaited (and needed) vacation/pent up desire to hop on a plane and just "Go. Somewhere." finally ended when I clicked the "Proceed to Payment" button on WestJet's website. My destination of choice was modest and something familiar to my Canuck senses - Toronto. Next time, it'll be somewhere further and more adventurous!

BEST CHOICE EVER - Early morning flight to Toronto (6:45AM)

Although getting up in the morning was a big pain in the behind, I think I'll do early morning flights whenever I can from now on. Since I always end up passing out on the plane anyway, I wasn't too worried about feeling too tired for the rest of the day. Also, I arrived at Toronto at a reasonable time (2:15PM) and still had the rest of the day to do what brings me joy. THEN I ended up passing out very early (in Vancouver time, but normal bed time in Toronto), which helped me to adjust to the time difference. Three hours isn't a big change, but it's annoying enough to make you feel like you're waking up in the middle of the night to get on with your day, which SUCKS.

Plus, you get to watch the gorgeous sunrise while FLYING IN THE SKY. Thank you technology.

...and so begins my endless snapping of the view.

Tip: If you want to take photos of the landscapes, then book a window seat in front of the wing.

The Earth is so wonderful and so weird looking at the same time. 

After a little nap and two cookies + coffee (provided by WestJet) I arrived at Pearson Airport. Then I hopped on the UP Express from the airport (get to Terminal 1 and ride the blue train to the station) to get to Union Station, which is located at the heart of Downtown, Toronto. I highly recommend taking the UP Express because it's SO FAST (it only took 25 minutes) and relatively inexpensive ($12 one way) compared to taking a taxi or hauling your big bags around the bus.

Distillery District

Where else would I go first?

Transit: Take TTC 172 from Wellington St x York St (4 min walk from Union Station) and get off at Trinity St. TADAAAA

Go try the sake at IZUMIStart off with the warm sake (it'll go straight to your brain and you'll feel awesome), then try the tasting flight if you're up to it.

Food...is not the strong suit of the Distillery District... I went to the Italian Restaurant (Tappo Wine Bar & Restaurant), which had really great service, but subpar management and food quality. Our server also asked us if we had a Groupon as soon as we sat down (which we did not know existed for this place), but that probably should have been our warning sign. We ordered the vongole ($27) and linguini lana ($28), which were very salty... too salty to eat and had to send back twice :(, but just ended up giving up and drank an entire bottle of wine instead. The area around our table had a weird chlorine type of smell. Overall, probably would never go back there.

Nonetheless, the Distillery District is pretty and nice to visit if it's you have never been there. Probably would need to explore this place more to get a sense of what it really has to offer. Very beautiful place to take photos too!

And that's the end of DAY 1! YAY!