#exploreWA: Autumn Colours at Mt. Baker

Summer's over, but that doesn't mean you should stay in bed all day and watch Netflix. I mean, I do that too, but you can still get outside and explore. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, now is the perfect time to get that last hike in before it gets rainy and cold AF. Also, the autumn leaves are amazing!! Fall is my favourite season because it's basically my personality. Colourful and moody. Hahaha #sorrynotsorry to my loved ones who put up with me. :)

Did you know Mt. Baker is actually an active volcanic mountain? I didn't!! :O

On the way up to Mt. Baker, you'll come across many viewpoints and hikes. I recommend stopping by at Nooksack Falls to stretch your legs and seeing a glorious waterfall. Who doesn't like chasing waterfalls?

Going up to Mt. Baker is really easy. You just follow one road up the mountain, but you have to endure the winding road. Take some Gravol and gum with you - you're definitely going to get car sick if you're not the driver! Anyway, the rest of the blog post will speak for itself through the photos. Enjoy the fall colours! 💕

Turn your head or phone for this one - it's a looooooong panorama.