#exploreBC: Whytecliff Park with Sarah + Mike

Meet Sarah (instagram: @sarahlubbe) and Mike. These two are so silly and SO awesome together! My shoot with them turned out great thanks to the wonderful weather and the fantastic location. 

We explored Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver, which is actually one of my favourite spots in Vancouver. BC's coast is home to hundreds of species of marine wildlife and if you get lucky, you can spot sea lions chilling on the rocks at Whytecliff Park. It's also a great spot to go on hikes & trails as well as go underwater diving!! Just be sure to get your diver certification before you jump in! (Contact your local Dive Shop!)


One of the best things about BC coasts (in my opinion) is that it is heavily decorated by driftwood. There's so much character in every piece and it gives you a glimpse into the history of the forests nearby.

Fun fact of the day! Did you know that you're not supposed to burn driftwood in your appliance (ex. fireplace, wood-burning stove) because it releases toxic chemicals? Yeah, thought so. Don't do it.


Sarah and Mike saw some swings and freaked out. So did I because they are so frickin' adorable.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures from our little adventure! Go visit Whytecliff Park if you haven't already!