#exploreWA: My Way or the Highway - A Vancouverite's Guide to Seattle

If you live in BC and you are planning on taking a road trip down to Seattle, then give yourself a little extra time and take a detour. I was first introduced to Chuckanut Drive by my partner in crime/the amazing guitarist, Aidrien Wilkins (instagram @aidrien), when he first took me to Seattle. I had been a bit of a hermit and hadn't explored outside of my safe haven in Vancouver. Anyway, we took the long way down (not by much - only about 20 minutes to an hour depending on how many stops you make to awe at its beauty) and it was incredible.

I have been driving down to Seattle many times since then (obviously to see Aidrien), and every time, I go through Chuckanut Drive because the view never gets old.

Taken from Google Maps.

Taken from Google Maps.


In a very tiny nutshell, here's how I get to Chuckanut Drive:

  1. Drive down to Peace Arch Boarder Crossing from wherever you are.
  2. Get to I-5 and keep driving until you get to Bellingham (exits 258-250).
  3. Take exit 250, which will take you through Fairhaven (also a pretty little place to visit) then follow signs to Chuckanut Drive (use Google Maps to map out the road if you're horrible with directions like me). 
  4. Drive through the windy road through the mountain and enjoy the view.
  5. You'll know you're at the end of Chuckanut Drive because you'll see a gigantic highway (I-5) running parallel to the road you're on and see signs for I-5. 
  6. Get back on that highway and go down South, my friend!

Obviously my directions are horrible so I would highly recommend that you GOOGLE MAP it!

Enjoy the pictures that I took along the way though! (I made several stops to take pictures - sometimes at viewpoints, sometimes took further detours into random roads which I cannot remember the name of, and sometimes just on the side of the street.) This WILL take you a long time to get to your destination!!


When you start seeing endless fields with a highway (I-5) running parallel to the road you are on (like the one in the photo above), start paying more attention to the road and follow the signs for the FREEWAY (aka highway). 

Just another hour and a half of driving to some awesome music on shuffle and you'll be reaching a beaaautiful view of the city in no time!

In case you were wondering, I break into a song and dance to a playlist consisting of A Tribe Called Quest, Galactic, The Roots, and a list of today's top 100 K-pop.

Some places I've explored in Seattle so far (the ones I can remember in no particular order):

At the end of three blissful days in Seattle, Aidrien and I went over to Duwamish Head in West Seattle to see the famous skyline. All in all, it was such an amazing trip - trips to Seattle are always amazing. Can't wait for the next adventure!