I Can Toronto Too - Day 3

Day 3 and I'm feeling great. I set out an ambitious plan to eat brunch, drink good coffee, see some cool sh*t, and drink some good beer. Check, check, and checkity check.

Scroll down to see where I went:
- Saving Grace (brunch)
- Ella's Uncle (coffee)
- Royal Ontario Museum (cool sh*t)
- Grand Electric (tacos)
- Bellwoods Brewery (beer)

Put yo name down.

9 times out of 10 when you visit this delicious brunch spot, there will be a stupid long lineup. Dontchu worry 'bout a thang. Just put your name down and go across the street to treat yourself a tasty house-made banana bread or blueberry scone and a latte, and  you'll feel right as rain. Make sure you don't spend toooo long at Ella's Uncle because if you snooze, you lose (i.e. don't miss your name being called at Saving Grace!)

When you finally make it inside Saving Grace and you are overwhelmed by all of the delicious options AND your decision-making skills are impaired like me, just look around at what other people are enjoying and simply tell your kind server, "I want that, please."
Yes, this is exactly I ordered my food. My friend was a little more civilized and asked, "What's the most popular dish? Okay, can I get that one?" Hence, I am sorry, I don't know the proper names of what we had.

If you ask for waffles, mushrooms, and poached eggs. I'm sure they'll know what you mean.

Beans... potatoes... and avocados? All you really have to know is that anything you get will be delicious.


Very cool stuff. I typically enjoy going to museums and art galleries and can spend hours and hours there. So if you don't like looking at really old things from different places and learning about them, this probably won't be the place for you. So you can just scroll through these pictures and call it a day.

At ROM, you can find anything and everything including Canadian art, First Nations art, dinosaurs, rocks & gems, the history of evolution, and artifacts from different cultures and fallen empires. Currently, they have an exhibition called "Tattoos" (opened April 2nd). I would definitely love to go see that if I were still in Toronto!


I'd like to call this one, "Watch Me Whip".

Made from porcupine needles. Whaaat?

Put a ring on it.


Head of Zeus.



Great times call for great tacos.

Grand Electric had some pretty grand tacos. I loved their unique creations and their chill vibe. Be prepared to wait for a seat because it's a smaller joint, but you'll be seated pretty quickly (within ~20mins).

grand electric taco menu

Baja Fish

Pork Belly & Spicy Chicken

Tuna Ceviche



Needless to say, it was a fun and packed day. This view was brought to you by my friend's awesome condo.