MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU: Climbing up Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

The most depressing season of Vancouver has finally passed and now we are getting long stretches of sunlight! My naked mole rat eyes haven't adjusted to the bright light yet, but I'll get used to it soon enough!

I have always wanted to go to Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, but I couldn't wait like a normal person until the snow melted away. As the un-seasoned nature woman that I am, I took my other un-experienced nature friend to go on an epic 2 hour hike up to Upper Joffre Lake (round trip took about 4 hours). We got lost a couple of times and the drive took way too long to get there, but it was SO much fun and I would do it all over again.

I would highly recommend you go there with someone you like. The drive is way too long for awkward silences/conversations and the mountain is way too steep (I have trust issues haha). Get a great playlist and some snacks for the road, and you'll be golden.

green lake

Everyone was so nice to us in this small town! Such a beautiful place and people with beautiful souls.

This is Lower Joffre Lake. Super easy to get here, not so easy to get to Upper Joffre Lake.

Second/middle Joffre Lake. You can take a little breather and chill with the birds that are trying to steal your food. "DO NOT FEED THE WILD LIFE!" Said the sign. After I fed a Canada Jay. Whoops. Watch the slo-mo clip of the jay swooping in HERE,

"Doooon't go chasin' waterfalls."

FINALLY, we reached the beautiful and frozen Upper Joffre Lake. I'm definitely coming back up here to take a dip in the crystal blue water!

Here is where we had our mini photo shoot with my friend, Grace Kim (instagram @graceminhak), and she let it all loose.

Click HERE to view some of her gorgeous portraits.

Hah, this is the selfie I took before we climbed down (more like sled down on my butt) the mountain. I was not okay after.

...and the gorgeous drive back through Pemberton, BC.

Aaaaaand that's it! Hope you enjoyed the photos! Happy hiking!

Go Ahead, Have Some Brandywine (Falls)

Hello, World!

If you are looking for a short winter adventure, but don't want to go on top of a mountain, try visiting a nearby Winter Wonderland at a little place called Brandywine Falls Provincial Park. The view is breathtaking, even on a snowy-windy-cold-ass day. You won't even remember that you can't feel your toes! Especially if you don't have proper winter gear like me! BUT you will live as I have survived to live another day.

It's about 30 minutes south of Whistler and took about 1.5 hours from Downtown, Vancouver. The road condition wasn't bad despite it being a snowy/rainy day. Having snowshoes would be awesome, but it's doable without them too. You'll find out if you're on the correct path because if you're not, your entire leg will fall in the snow.

Keep scrolling down to see the pictures I took from this day and I hope it will convince you to get your tooshie out there and explore more of BC! Photos of me were taken by Ricardo Seah (instagram @ricardography), an awesome Vancouver/Singapore-based photographer.

Just go ahead, take it allllll in. You really need to see this in person though.

Ricardo and I were initially trying to get to the base of the waterfall, as we have seen many many many amazing Instagram photos, but were unsuccessful because we couldn't figure out the  best way to go off track (if this makes sense)! If anyone knows how to get there, PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOU!

Seeing the waterfall and all it's glory wasn't bad either.

You can also walk on the Sea to Sky Trail and walk all the way to Whistler.