#exploreBC: Pender Island Life

Living in the middle of the city with the constant "get-shit-done" energy is exciting and all, but sometimes I just need to put everything down and be surrounded by the trees and the ocean. It's surely one of the best ways to recharge my battery and keep my sanity. I find myself getting caught up perfecting my daily routine (same wake-up time, same alarm ring, same coffee shop, same route to work, same routine after work, etc) and eventually, I get this feeling of emptiness that makes me question, why do I care so much?

Being in the wild reminds me that many things in life are temporary. Things that I get caught up in my daily grind become insignificant when I'm surrounded by towering trees and the vastness of the ocean. I'm just a vulnerable speck that can't survive without wifi, my car, and coffee (sad, but true).

To practice self-care, I took a weekend trip out to Pender Island, BCaccompanied by some amazing women. We all got to enjoy a moment of complete relaxation - quiet reading time included. I got to cleanse my eyes staring into beautiful landscapes instead of the cold concrete jungle. Even the rain felt romantic and beautiful. Great conversations, great food, great views and wine - it was perfect. Hopefully this post will remind you to take care of yourself this weekend and spend some quality time with the people that matter to you most.

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