50 Shades of Terry


Pants & shoes: Rick Owens

Accessories: Korea


Sweater: Hood By Air

This is Terry Shin (instagram: @terryxshin).

We have history. As in our friendship goes far back into the days when we were innocent little children (not the dirty, messy kind - seriously, no). We recently got back in touch because of our overlapping interests in art and fashion. He's got quite a dynamic collection of monochromatic pieces that is somehow creepy and chic at the same time. So this collaboration was the perfect opportunity to show off his goods. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun roaming around Gas Town and shooting his gothic-punk-badass style.


How would you describe your style?

 "I like simple gothic prints and monochromatic colour schemes, BUT only in the shades of grey (haha). I think it gives a nice visual cohesion to any kind of outfit. I also love all-black and black/white outfits. I like to create balance in my look by adding variations of textures and materials."


Do you have anything/anyone that inspires your style?

"James Edward Quaintance. I like his rock-chic, muted gothic-punk style and his tats. When it comes my style, I like to take inspirations from others and add my own flair."

What makes you, you?

"Basically, my love for fashion and clothes. I put in a lot of hours every day just building up ideas and experimenting with different styles (aka having a lone wolf fashion party)"


Plans for the future?

"I would like to do more collaborations like this and create a portfolio of my style. I'm currently in the works of creating my own t-shirt line called "Temet Nosce", which means "know thyeself". I'm a firm believer of the idea that you need to keep learning about your passions and dreams in order to achieve what you want in life. You really have to keep discovering yourself to create your own sense of style and to build the life you want. Temet nosce is a constant reminder for me to keep pushing myself until I achieve my goals. In terms of design, my t-shirts will reflect simplicity and uniqueness with a hint of quirt and rock."


Shirt: Givenchy


I'm really looking for Terry's new clothing line. I can sense that it's going to be a good one! Stay posted for future updates and collaborations with this cool kid!